What’s in Your Beauty Products?

Only 26 seconds. That’s scary. Harmful, toxic chemicals or heavy metals can enter your bloodstream in less time than it takes to brew coffee. Did you know that the average woman uses 12 beauty products every morning? That can add up to hundreds of chemicals every single day.

breast cancer

Only 10% of these women have a gene mutation that makes them more susceptible to breast cancer.

This got me thinking about all my friends who’ve had cancer. Two have had breast cancer twice…one survived, one didn’t see her son start kindergarten. Another is in remission. Is there some way we can slow this down? Why the increase in cancer?

Maybe it’s time that we pay closer attention to the products we are using on our bodies, on our children. It was with better health in mind that Beautycounter was born.  When my friend, Amy, asked me to take a look at their products I assumed it was just another beauty company claiming to be all-natural. But, I understand why it’s so important to her family.  Her husband, Patrick, is a cancer survivor who spent most of his college years in treatment.  I totally understand doing everything possible to increase my family’s chances of staying healthy.

Once I started researching I became panicked about all the things we blindly use and trust to be safe.  This is America, for goodness sakes!  Aren’t we the land of over-regulation?  Turns out that’s not the case.

Did you know……

  • The US has not passed a federal law regulating the cosmetic industry since 1938
  • The Food and Drug Administration does not require that cosmetics ingredients or products be approved before they go on the market, and FDA has no power to recall a product from the market
  • The European Union has banned nearly 1400 ingredients from cosmetics and personal care products
  • The US has only banned or restricted 11 ingredients from cosmetics and personal care products
  • More than 85,000 chemicals are registered for use in commerce, and about 10,500 are used in the cosmetics industry
  • Women use an average of 12 personal care products containing 168 ingredients every day
  • Men use about 6 personal care products containing 85 unique ingredients every day
  • Teenage girls use an average of 17 personal care products a day
  • Scientific studies over the past 40 years have suggested that exposure to toxic chemicals plays a role in the incidence and prevalence of many diseases and disorders in the US

Wow.  Just wow.

ingredient ban

When Amy sent me the box of goodies to try from Beautycounter, I was excited!  But what I believe is unique about this company is their drive to educate consumers.  Did you know that manufacturers are not required to list on labels if products contain toxic heavy metals (like lead, nickel or chromium) because they are not “intentional” ingredients?  Since these toxic heavy metals are considered “tagging along” with other minerals and/or colorants they don’t need to be disclosed.  Lead is a neurotoxin that our government has taken out of paint and gasoline but is still allowed to hide in beauty products like lipstick. Why?  Many beauty products also contain such ingredients as paraben or coal tar which have been known to mimic estrogen or damage DNA at a cellular level. That’s why Beautycounter has put together the Never List.  They even put a condensed version on the back of their business cards – handy for when you’re out shopping!

the never list

sugar-body-scrub-lemongrass-600Ok, so let’s dive into these products.  I decided I would treat myself to a bath, a glass of wine and sample these products the night they arrived.  First off, let me say how indulgent the Lustro Sugar Scrub is. Living in Colorado, dry skin is a constant problem.  This scrub felt luxurious!  My skin was softer than it’s felt since moving here.  Their other bath/shower products were wonderful as well.  I recommend the entire body collection. Don’t forget the Lustro Body Oil in Rosemary + Citrus.  It’s divine!


Being 40-something, I asked Amy to send products for my mature face.  The Countertime Collection “revolves around deeply hydrating, nourishing, firming and lifting formulas that effectively fight the signs of aging.”  I really put these product to the test the third day when I went skiing and came home with a slight sunburn and a big windburn on my face.  (It felt like sandpaper…yuck!)  I’m happy to report my skin is back to normal three days later.  This entire collection is fantastic!


My favorite “spoil yourself” item is the luxurious face oil you add to your moisturizer.  Make sure you get it! Amy shared the “jasmine” one with me.  I’m in love.


I also used the kids collection on my boys and it was the first time my youngest wasn’t crying after the shampoo fight.  Hooray!

I did also try some of the cosmetics but honestly am not a huge makeup person, so I only used them a day or two.  They seemed very high quality and I plan to start rotating these into my makeup bag soon.  After all the research I did, I will be working toward incorporating all these products into my household.

Take a look at what I found on the Never List in our bathroom after only four minutes. I gave up after discovering all these.

DSC_0148 (2)

If you are ready to start changing over to beauty products with unparalleled standards in safety and the highest level of transparency in both their ingredients and screening process, please check out Beautycounter.  Their products are very comparable in price to the beauty counters at department stores.  Why not use something you trust to be safe?

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  1. Very very informative and inspiring article here, it definitely encourages me to check out this healthy alternative for my daily beauty schedule !

  2. Thanks for all the info here I will not look at my make up the same way, ready to start to try this line of products!

  3. Thanks for the information!
    You came up with quite the pile at your house as I am sure I would too.

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