Look Stylish Everyday on Any Budget With One Simple Trick

Have you ever heard of the “third piece” rule?  Or wondered why someone’s outfit looks more pulled together than yours?  Think about that stylish person you see at the store…what exactly is it that makes them look polished and fashionable?  It was probably because they followed the “third piece” rule.

Third Piece Example 1The rule is basically this:  Don’t throw on a pair of pants and a shirt then walk out the door.  Add a “third piece.” This can be a jacket/sweater/vest or an accessory like a great bag, fun shoes or a scarf.  Sometimes a simple piece of jewelry is all you need.

Third Piece Rule Example 5

Make sure you aren’t wearing something that doesn’t fit your style or it’ll look like you’re trying too hard.  I don’t always remember my “third piece” but when I do it’s usually a simple necklace, an ornate silver ring I found in Dublin or earrings my sons gave me for my birthday. Where you shop isn’t important. You don’t have to spend a fortune!  Find your style at Target, Old Navy or even your local thrift shop.

Third Piece Rule Example 3

I personally feel the reason why this rule works is simple: It gives off the impression that you took a moment to look at your outfit and make sure you were pulled together. Think of the “street style” outfits shown in magazines. What makes you notices these fashionable folks?  They walked out the door conscious of their look. The “third piece” makes an outfit cohesive.

Third Piece Rule Example 4

This isn’t exclusive to women.  My little brother was rocking skinny jeans in funky colors, a vintage tee and grandpa sweater before it was cool. He always looks stylish even if his entire outfit was purchased for less than $10 at Goodwill.  Guys don’t have as many accessory options as women but a great watch, sunglasses or even a baseball cap can make a ho-hum outfit handsome!

Third Piece Rule for Guys

If you’re looking for inspiration, search Pinterest for the “third piece rule” and you will pull an outfit together from what you already have in your closet!  You don’t have to be a fashionista to feel fabulous!

Third Piece Rule Example 2

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  1. I love to keep it simple and add a statement piece. I find that if I’m not comfortable it doesn’t matter if I’m wearing designer or not I won’t look good. You need to feel good in what you are wearing. Thanks for the tips.

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