Stylish Way To Hide The Litter Box


Do you hate having to see the litter box? Me too! I set out to find a solution on Pinterest and came up with this hybrid plan.

First, I took a $5 junk piece from Goodwill.

Convert this into a litter box

Next I cut a hole out of the back.


I searched the “oops” cans of paint at Home Depot and found this $8 grey that would work with the room where the new cabinet would be. (Don’t forget to pick up primer! It needs to go onto laminate furniture first for the paint to stick!)


And…turned it into this!

Hide the litterbox in here.

It now disguises the cat’s litter box. This is the first time ever I’ve done a project from Pinterest that’s turned out! The whole thing cost me less than $28 including supplies.

Hide the litter box

PS – Sorry for the photo quality on a couple of these!

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