DIY Table

Have you ever had a spot where you needed something but couldn’t find the perfect piece of furniture?  This was dilemma with our house.  Our sofa floats in the middle of a great room with no place for a side table. Where am I going to set my coffee cup or glass of wine?


I am a bit of a miser when it comes to shopping. All of my furniture options were not *quite* the right size/height/color/price and it left me feeling frustrated. I decided to build exactly what I wanted.

Therefore…out came the notebook.  I measured the height, width and length that would work best for our sofa.  Once I had the size and a sketch of the basic look I wanted, off I went!  I’ve said this before, but the guys at Home Depot are amazing. I showed them my sketch, said that it needed to be sturdy enough to stand up to my family (um, hello – 3 boys, 2 dogs & a cat) and be uncomplicated enough that I could build it on my own.

Since I was building the base of the table with simple 2x4s I wanted something to dress up the top.  We wandered over to the flooring aisle where I ended my search with simple tongue and groove flooring similar to this:


The sweet guys helped me decide on exact measurements and pre-cut all my boards for me. Of course, when I got home I was anxious to get started…but it was freezing and I couldn’t work in the garage. I ended up building it in the middle of the family room. Yep, sawdust from the drill was everywhere.

I drilled the legs together then used small nails to tack together the flooring and add it to the top.  Wood glue and clamps helped finish it since the pieces kept splitting with my screws/drill.

Since the table was going against a dark sofa I wanted it painted white.  I’m sure you know that 2x4s aren’t exactly the prettiest wood to work with. I found some paint/primer in the garage to cover up the markings on the boards in one coat.   I really like some of the chalk/milk paint finishes that are in style right now. However, I tend to be impatient and couldn’t wait to order any – I wanted the project done. I happened to find a can of Minwax Classic Gray stain in the garage. After the paint was dry I rubbed the stain over it with a rag.  I loved the result! White, but not bright.

The table looked a bit odd initially with the huge open area under it so I found some scrap wood and an old board in the garage and added the lower shelf.  Under it is now where my youngest parks his toys…aka his garage.

I’ve rearranged again. Lesson – a grooved top looks beautiful but can tend to cause cups to tip.  I eventually switched it with another, but I still love the table!


Since I’ve made this we have torn out the carpet, added more hardwood floors and stained them gray.


But I love that all my friends are impressed with my DIY skills and now ask for my help with their projects.  I also built the shelves you see in the corner above.  I truly believe all you need to be a DIYer is frustration, stubbornness and the will to try!

PS – Check out how I built lockers in our garage to corral all the sports gear for the kids!

Happy DIY-ing!

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