Serial Starter


Do you find it hard to follow through? The minute you have learned the basics of something, are you ready to move on and learn something new? I am the queen of “Jack of all trades, master of none, a serial starter.” Here’s a list of the things I only know a little about; gardening, baking, football, chalk paint, Pilates, dog training, furniture building, golf, swimming, guitar, essential oils, home organizing, discerning fine wine or beer, podcasts, organic cleaning, knitting, photography…get the idea?

Can I say I am anywhere near an expert on any of these subjects? Hell no. That I may know just enough to be dangerous? You betcha! If you ask me just a few questions I can sound really informed, but anything beyond novice I’m lost. You see, I’m a serial starter.

Even now, I’m ready to quit writing this. Ridiculous, right? This may be a result of having kids who constantly interrupt everything. Maybe I have adult ADD, who knows! But now that my youngest is in finally in preschool I find myself around the corner to a bit of freedom. If you heard “FREEDOM” in your head like Mel Gibson in Braveheart, then you are my new best friend!

Yet, there are some positive things about knowing a little bit about a lot of stuff. You can easily mingle at cocktail parties and can find a subject to discuss with anyone. Being a ‘serial starter’ doesn’t have to be a negative thing!

One of the challenges of starting many things (beyond seeming schizophrenic) is that your home is filled with things you feel you’ve wasted money on. I’ve struggled with how to bring my interests to fruition while looking around at all these things. Here’s my plan for the next few months: try to revisit a thing or two each week until I feel another level of familiar with my chosen topics. Starting this month I am going to take a golf lesson every week and am pledging to get to the driving range to hit a bucket of balls at least twice a week. This should be easy since my kids love to go along. The other topic I’m tackling is photography. For years my phone was the only way we documented our kids. I recently hit up Costco for a fancy camera but I don’t know how to use it beyond the ‘auto’ mode. My goal is to take advantage of the fall colors and get out and learn all the settings. Now…the only challenge is holding myself accountable. (Wink!)

PS – Thanks for sticking with me today…it took me four attempts to complete this. Talk about a serial starter!

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