Update the Laundry/Mud Room in a Day for Less than $75 – DIY

Having an actual place to corral the kids’ backpacks is essential to keeping the family organized. If your kids (or spouse) are like mine, they need a designated place to dump all their stuff.

When we moved into this house, this wall only had two hooks on it…not a very efficient use of the space.  Determined to make it work better, I drew up some plans and headed to Home Depot.  To save some time I purchased the pre-made white boards (for less than $30) and avoided a step of painting. Don’t forget to pick up some hooks, too.


Next, I had each of my kids stand next to the wall and marked a height that would work best for them, taking into account that they will be getting taller.  I did this for both rows of hooks and also the bench.  My intent was that the lower row would be used for backpacks and made it the height of my youngest.  However, these hooks are rarely used because they are hidden by the hoodies hanging from the above row. In hindsight they were probably not necessary.


My hope was that the top shelf would be for hats, gloves and my purse. However, it wasn’t getting used because it was too narrow and hats kept falling off. So, I picked up some Command hooks. As you can see, they are well-used!  The shelf is handy to catch them if they fall off.


With the bench I wanted my kids to have a place not only to sit and tie their shoes, but a designated place to store them.  I am currently training them to keep their shoes in their “cubbies” vs. wherever they drop them.


The other side of our room has our laundry machines.  There were two open shelves above and I hate looking at the detergent, etc. sitting out.  Did you know that you can find old kitchen cabinets at a Habitat for Humanity store? I found two kitchen cabinets for only $45 which is a fraction of the cost of new ones. I did need to paint them, however.

Flashing back to my exhausted life of babies and watching HGTV on Saturday mornings, I rigged up a system to hang these…with the assistance of my husband’s muscles.  I cannot find the episode anywhere for you, sorry.  However, this is very similar to what we did.

Laundry room

One thing I’d like to suggest is adding a hanging bar.  That way you can hang anything fresh out of the dryer and avoid wrinkles, perfect for dress shirts.  If don’t want to install an actual closet rod, try a tension shower or curtain rod.


Since this is right off the garage, I added hooks for my purse.  At least it has a designated home and I can always find it now.


See? Added storage and all the junk that was formally tossed on the open shelves is hidden.


The entire cost of this project was $75 and completed in on one Saturday.  Not a big time or money investment – but it’s a huge improvement for our family’s organization.

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