Instead of Birthday Presents – Teaching Philanthropy

Instead of birthday presents all over the house, we asked our son if he would rather ask for donations to something important to him. For example, my son and his friend share a birthdate and had a joint party.  They wanted a big one and we didn’t want guests to feel obligated to buy two gifts.  Besides…don’t our kids have enough toys?  I would rather invest in a great party and have the kids remember the fun experience.

birthday boys

Many of our friends and neighbors have adopted pups from wonderful dog rescue group in town. Why not ask what they need and have the kids shop for that instead? Ours said their biggest needs are dog beds, chew toys and puppy food.

When you do this you teach your kids:

*Not everyone has all they need and it’s important to help

*Presents aren’t the most important part of a birthday

*Spending time with friends is what your party should be about

*Doing good is fun

Our kiddos supported Light Shine Canine: A Rez Dog Rescue.

The week after the party, we took the birthday boys and their brothers to meet the pups and drop off the donations.

boys w donationsFive boys with two little puppies!

Instead of Birthday Gifts

Talk about cuteness!

puppy love

They work with the Pine Ridge and Rosebud Reservations in South Dakota.

The number of dogs in need of homes is staggering!

Ben's pup

Please consider adopting a Rez dog into your family.

Noah is aptly named

You can support them via their online auction,

or make a donation via Go Fund Me,

Owen making a friend

or with an exclusive tee.

loves his new toyAs parents, we are so happy that our kids remember the puppies from their birthday…

tuckered out…not the presents.

catch me if you canPlease consider teaching your kids philanthropy. There are many options. Have your kids think about what is important to them.

Gavin pup kisses

We have previously had birthday guests bring their favorite book in lieu of birthday presents and donated those books to the Children’s Hospital.  Good luck!  When kids learn to give, they learn compassion.

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