How to Arrange Grocery Store Flowers Like a Florist


It’s snowing here today.  As usual during this time of year, I’m drawn to the flowers for sale at the front of the grocery store.  I love the promise of spring and start filling the house with blossoms in January. Today I’m going to show you how to take grocery store flowers and arrange them to look like they came from the florist.

Trader Joe’s usually has a good selection, but I’ve also had good luck at Safeway.  My feeling is to pick up whatever catches your eye.  Here’s what I came home with today:

First I picked up a “mixed bouquet” for $3.99.


Inside were three Gerbera Daisies –

One stem of Yellow Daisies –


One stem of Purple Aster –


A Tiger Lily –


And a gorgeous greenery stem…no idea what it’s called.


Next I picked up five stems of purple stock for $2.99.  They smell amazing!


And last but definitely not least, ten stems of white tulips for $4.99.


Next I grabbed several vases from around the house and tried to decide which one was tall enough, had a big enough opening at the top to showcase the flowers without squishing them…but not too big that they were falling out.


A good trick to measure how much stem to cut off is to hold the flower next to vase by the edge of the table.


Pick a flower to start with, remember to always use odd numbers and divide up the area of the vase.


Next choose something to fill in the middle, preferably a bit taller.


Next go under the flowers and tuck tulips around the opening, the idea being that they can fall down below the taller flowers. (You may want to take most of the leaves off the tulips so the vase opening won’t get too crowded.)

Take the tiger lily and put it in from above in the middle. Pull the stems between the other flowers. Since the bud was barely open, I peeled back the petals.  Remember these are delicate and can break.  The unopened buds provide structure, a bit of greenery and interest.


Look for a place the needing to be “broken up” either with a different shape or color, this is where I inserted my purple aster.


Last insert the stem of yellow daisies in the middle.  Make sure to gently pull them apart/between the other blossoms.


If you still have room and/or think you need it add the greenery stem.

And now you’ve got a touch of spring in your kitchen!


I usually “fluff” the flowers once done arranging.  The easiest way to do this is to reach under the flowers right above the vase opening and lift about half an inch, jiggle a bit, then drop them back down.  You may need to do it a time or two to get them just right.  Remember that if you don’t like how it’s working out you can always start over!

This touch of spring cost only $12 and I used a vase from around the house. Although this one happens to be a wedding gift, my most commonly used vase is an old spaghetti jar!

Good luck!

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