7 Guilty Pleasure / Teen Shows on Netflix

 I have a bit of a Netflix addiction.  I love anything that’s smart/witty banter, real emotion and if I’m being honest…a little bit of eye candy.  Here are some favs:

friday_night_lights_wallpaper_1280x1024_21Friday Night Lights is my absolute favorite!  My husband and I lost a lot of sleep because we couldn’t stop watching this!  It is the most realistic storyline I’ve seen in a while. You immediately feel like you live in Dillon, TX and these are your friends.  Everyone loves the trouble maker Tim Riggins or wants to date Tyra Collette.  They aren’t the only characters you’ll love.  Coach and his wife illustrate a real marriage – good, bad, career challenges, raising kids, etc. The life they portray of a small town is incredibly realistic. Trust me, I went to high school in a football crazy small town too!  Its also relatable for all ages.  I suggest you start here!

TheRoyals_S2_Mobile_640x640The Royals is about a fictional British royal family set in modern London.  It’s full of witty comebacks and perfect dry humor.  Elizabeth Hurley plays the queen who is a big of an enigma all on her own!  The characters are all over the top – but that’s what makes them fun!  Season 2 was even better than the first! If you’ve ever wanted to know what life was like living in a palace, dealing with the paparazzi and the constant scrutiny of a kingdom this is the show for you.  The fashion and music are also amazing.  And again…eye candy…with British accents!


Reign – If you love historical fiction, English/Scottish/French history you will love this.  It’s all about Mary, Queen of Scots and her marriage to the future king of France. The fashion is truly breathtaking and so is the soundtrack. The Lumineers do instrumental versions of their hits in the first season.  Listen carefully or you’ll miss it. I really like how they do a great job of making me love or hate the characters – like I’m supposed to! And…again…eye candy.  Sebastian is my favorite.

90210 – I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve watched both the original and reboot of this series.  It felt like a soap opera at first but…I totally got sucked in.  Now you may think “I watched this in the 90s.  Why do I need to watch it again?”  After the first few episodes you see that it has a similar setting but does a great job of being a stand-alone show.  But like the original show, they are a bit incestuous, have a great sense of style and live a life most of us could never imagine.

Beauty-And-The-Beast-beauty-and-the-beast-cw-34464236-1920-1080Beauty & The Beast is a dark, modern version of the fairy tale. Vincent led a brave life before he became the beast.  And of course, just like the fairy tale, Cat is the woman who helps him find himself again.  Their friends are a great bunch and Vincent’s best buddy is a hoot! It’s dark, gritty, suspenseful and sexy.  You’re welcome.


The Vampire Diariesis my current obsession.  (I love to have this on while I’m working.)  It checks all the boxes…Soap Opera story line-check. Eye candy-check.  Good soundtrack-check.  The folklore you’ve always heard is woven throughout. I have no idea this story about vampires, werewolves witches so interesting, but it is.


Veronica Mars was a sleeper hit for me.  I was a little late to discover how awesome this show is!  Veronica works as a receptionist for her dad’s private investigation office…which led her to doing side-jobs investigating for her fellow students.  The previous year her best friend was murdered and this is the larger plot woven throughout. The fan base was so cultish that a kick-starter campaign is what led to a movie continuing this story a decade later. Veronica strength and creative intelligence was very unpredictable and is what keeps you watching!

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