Easy Family Hike on Flagstaff Mountain

Looking for an easy hike for the entire family close to the city?  Head to Flagstaff Mountain on the western edge Boulder.  It tends to be crowded due to it’s proximity to the Flatirons, the iconic mountains the Boulder is famous for.  Keep driving past Chautauqua Park further up the mountain on Flagstaff Road.

The first time our family did this hike, our boys were 8, 6 & 2 and we were new to Colorado.  For one of their first hikes, they did an amazing job keeping up.


For a good easy/beginner hike, take the Meyers Homestead Trail.  Don’t forget to pack water – even in autumn the sun can be intense.


If you plan to hike with your dogs, make sure you follow the rules for Boulder Parks.  One of which is that your pup must be under voice control to be off-leash.


There were still wildflowers in September.


Hiking is a great way to reconnect with the family and nature.


If I hiked a mile this day, my dog ran about four miles.  With the yards being so small in Colorado, it’s nice to let him get some real running in.


This is a chicory flower, which is in the dandelion family.  They may be considered “noxious” but I think they’re beautiful.


Our 2-year-old wasn’t tall enough to walk through this field so he hitched a ride with his dad.


This is a rose heath but it looks similar to a daisy to me.


On the far mountain you can see the remnants of beetle kill.


If you look closely, beauty is hiding everywhere.

dsc_0041-2So get out and enjoy the beauty around us!