Five Must-Read Book Series for a Quick Escape from Life


I’m a huge fan of reading books to escape. I look for books that are not only easy to read, but also effortless to jump in and out of as the family environment needs. I was lucky to grow up with a father who instilled a love a reading by spending many nights in his La-Z-Boy recliner with a book. In typical guy fashion his favorites were Tom Clancy, Clive Cussler, John Grisham, etc. I remember him reading the Lonesome Dove series, too. I, like most gals, like to read romance, humor, historical fiction or some combination of the three.


My absolute favorite series is called Outlander by Diana Galbadon. When my bestie introduced me to these, I thought she was nuts. You see, there’s a bit of time travel involved. That’s where she lost me. However, I promised her that I would try to get past page 50. Guess what, I was sucked in before then!

Outlander is a wonderful story about a WWII combat nurse on her second honeymoon in Scotland six months after VE-Day. Something happens when she is walking near a circle of standing stones and she goes back in time two hundred years. The funny thing is Galbadon is such a brilliant writer that it doesn’t seem odd or far-fetched. What makes this series amazing is that there is something for everyone: adventure, humor, romance, history, battles…all mixed with the best character development I’ve ever read. The main character’s journey begins two years before the battle of Culloden and the end of the clans in Scotland. The adventure through the books goes over to Parisian court and later across the Atlantic to the Colonies and the American Revolution. Did I mention that it’s the best romance and sex scenes I’ve ever read? Not kidding. The Stars Channel has made a series of the first book and is filming the second, but I highly recommend reading them first, you won’t be sorry! Even my husband loves this story! Good luck putting them down and going to sleep. You’re welcome.

Devereaux Edilean

At the pool this summer I walked by my friend, Andi, who always had her nose in a book…several times I saw her with Jude Deveraux books. This was an author I hadn’t heard of but being a fellow mom with kiddos running wild at the pool it looked it would fit in my parameters of mommy-reading. I would like to suggest you start with the Edilean Series by Jude Deveraux.

This series of nine books encompasses all of what I look for: historical fiction, romance, humor, simple yet intelligent writing, easy to put down to deal with life/kids and pick back up again. The first book, Lavender Morning, (great cheesy romance title, right?) is set in modern times in a town near Williamsburg. This begins the journey of Edilean, VA founding families. The second book, Days of Gold, goes back to the 1700s in Scotland and introduces us to the ancestors of the first book’s characters. All the books are fun and fantastic. All of Deveraux’s books are worth picking up at the library. She writes about Nantucket and New England often and makes you want to visit!

Prey Sanford

If you like suspense and mystery check out John Sanford’s Prey series. The first one is called Rules of Prey, they are good alone but awesome if read in order! It features Detective Davenport of the Minneapolis police department starting in the late 1980s, when the Twin Cities were still pretty dodgy. They are fascinating and fast-paced. To date, there are 25 books in this series.

Here are a few other sets of books I’ve found enjoyable that I discovered through my Nook suggestions:


The Highland Guard series by Monica McCarty – Follows Robert the Bruce shortly after William Wallace was executed. His success comes from taking the best fighter from each clan and having them work together. Fun adventures and romance mixed with historical fiction. Think Navy Seals…but in kilts. Yummy.

billionaire boys club series

The Billionaire Boys Club series by Jessica Clare – A secret society of handsome bachelors so devoted to success that it’s hilarious when they are blindsided by love. The stories are funny with great sex scenes…if that’s something you’re into. There are some peripheral characters with their own books that go along with the original six as well.

I hope you find something you enjoy! Here are a few other books I’ve reviewed that I loved but don’t fall anywhere near this genre!


The Long Walk: A Story of War and the Life That Follows

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