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I am so lucky to have amazing peers…great writers, bloggers, adventurers, DIYers, all around cool people.  Here are some of my favorite posts from my favorite bloggers! I hope you love them as much as I do!


I met the author, Mithra Ballesteros, at a conference and I knew right away I liked both her sense of humor and amazing sense of style!  On her blog, The Bubble Joy, she features a home that will inspire you to go bold. Check out her collection of eclectic décor in her shop, Finder Not Keeper.


Up next is my buddy, Anna Rosenblum Palmer.  She my kindred spirit: bold, direct, hilarious.  What I also love about Anna is that she advocates for more sex in marriage and swears it transforms not only your relationship, but your everyday happiness.  Take a moment and read her piece, Married Sex.  On her blog, Anna Writes Stuff, she bravely writes about parenting, relationships and depression with brutal honesty.


Up next is my college friend, Kari De Lavenne.  I remember moving into the room beside hers at our sorority.  It was a little like living next to Mary Poppins.  She was sweet, always smiling and even sang while she made her bed. Kari is an interior designer in Oregon with impeccable taste and style. Follow her on Instagram and Pinterest for beautiful inspiration!  Here is something from her portfolio – a beautiful (and more functional) kitchen…proving once again that details make the difference!


Lastly is another college buddy, Elizabeth Mills. She is a gorgeous, talented, life-of-the-party type of gal.  After spending a few decades in the Midwest, her family is adjusting to life in Utah. Here is a hilarious take on her realizations over this past year. Follow her adjustment to living out West on High West Rambler.

***Check out these fantastic bloggers and share some of your favorites with me!***

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