ColorFALL Colorado – An Afternoon on Guanella Pass

If you’ve ever visited Colorado, you know that the welcome sign says “Welcome to Colorful Colorado!”  Well, when the aspen trees turn gold in the fall it’s breathtaking!

guanella pass1

guanella pass16

This weekend my family took an afternoon hike up to Guanella Pass. For something different, take Highway 285 south out of Denver to Park County…yes, the inspiration for South Park.  Follow this to the turn off for Guanella Pass near the town of Grant.

guanella pass11

Once you get over the pass you’ll end up near Georgetown and Interstate 70.  Stop in this little, historic town and explore or have an ice cream.  The Georgetown Loop is a great railroad that the whole family will love. Check it out!

guanella pass15

guanella pass14

guanella pass13

guanella pass12

guanella pass10

guanella pass9

guanella pass8

guanella pass7

guanella pass6

guanella pass5

guanella pass4

guanella pass3

Guanella pass2

**All photos taken on iPhones because I didn’t have my fancy camera charged.  See my post on being a Serial Starter to see why this was so frustrating!

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  1. Thanks! My good camera had a dead battery so these are all via iPhone. Crazy, right!

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