Walk Through History At The Colorado Train Museum

Colorado Train MuseumDo your kids love trains? My kids and I had an adventure with Thomas the Train last week at the Colorado Train Museum. We did “Day Out With Thomas” eight years ago, but now that my youngest is into trains we went again.  It was magical from the moment we heard the whistle echo through the air of the parking lot. Then Thomas came around the bend!

Thomas the train


There are many activities for the kids besides riding the train. As you can see, even my big boys loved to play! (My boys are 10, 8 & 4.) Since they’ve been playing with their little bro they seem to have remembered the names of all the engines too!

 Island of Sodor

Playing Trains

“Day Out With Thomas” is usually held at railroad museums, so we got the double excitement of exploring the Colorado Train Museum in Golden.

Colorado train museum






I highly suggest visiting if you are ever in Colorado. There are also great museums in other parts of the country too. Our family really likes the ones in Sacramento, CA and Boone, IA.


Get out and ride the rails!