Sooo, can I get your number?? Friend dating.

Friend dating is tough.  I’m 40 years old and had a slew of awesome friends where I lived.  I didn’t need any more, my heart was full.  When I moved … Continue readingSooo, can I get your number?? Friend dating.

Life Is About Creating Memories

As I reflect on this holiday break, the pictures that jump into my mind are not of the presents we opened or the food we ate, but the things I did … Continue readingLife Is About Creating Memories

Who are you calling Ma’am?!!!

I’m getting really tired of younger people calling me ma’am. I’m cool dammit! Just because I’m north of 40 doesn’t mean I’m old.  Also, please don’t call me Mrs.  (Insert … Continue readingWho are you calling Ma’am?!!!